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Dallarock Cavaliers

History of Dallarock Cavaliers.

My introduction to the Cavalier came in 1984 when I was visiting a bookshop near my home and noticed a pretty little tricolor dog sitting quietly on a chair. From time to time I would visit "Ruthie" and was so taken by her sweet, friendly temperament and beautiful eyes, that I was determined to find my very own.

About a year later, I was fortunate to find a breeder quite close to home and Thornhill Bristol (Bandit - a tricolor dog) and Thornhill Rockingham (Higgins - his Blenheim litter brother) sons of Tiger Mountain Barry, came home to live with me.

For ten years, I began collecting these little dogs as pets. My youngest son, Scott, acquired his own Cavalier from the Brimstoke kennel - Brimstoke Beau Brummel. "Brando" was the only Cavalier I've ever known that was a 'one-man dog' - Scott was his man and he didn't care about anyone else.

Several years later, I decided to have a little fun in the showring and began showing a beautiful Blenheim girl we called Jenny, MacNichols Pride Lorna Doone, who now lives with my nephew, Michael, in San Francisco. My foundation bitch came along in 1996 when I was fortunate enough to meet Anne Eckersley-Robins. Anne sent me Chadwick Musical Harmonee, "Duet", a Ch. Sanickro Hunky Chunk of Travtana daughter, who is the absolute love of my life.

Chadwick Musical Harmonee

Duet died in 2008 at the age of 12-1/2 years. She remained heart clear; although she was diagnosed with Syringomyelia at age 7 and she died from mammary gland cancer, but I feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of acquiring two outstanding examples of the breed and showing them both to their CKCSC Championships.

My first CKCSC Championships came from two outstanding examples of the breed. The first was Ch. Sanickro Crusader of Dallarock (Alex) who came to this country at the tender age of 6 months from Gil Tomlinson. Alex is now co-owned and lives with my dear friend, Cynthia Scanlan of Cloudbase Cavaliers in Texas. My second CKCSC Champion, Ch. Pinecrest Vicktoria's Secret (Lacy) was born in Texas at the Pinecrest kennel and I have Ted and Mary Grace Eubank to thank for such a beautiful girl. Lacy is a lovely example of our breed; healthy (still heart clear at 9), pretty and produced three litters with ease. She is the dam of Dallarock Moonglow

Chantiz Spring Chief

In 2001, my dear friends, Colin and Mary Park in the UK, allowed me to bring Keyingham Joachim across the pond. The Parks have been mentors for years and I feel quite fortunate to have the Keyingham line in my breeding program. Jimmy has produced some lovely puppies, including Beth and Barb Hoorman's Benchmark Highlight (Sunny), both girls winning Best Puppy awards at our Club shows.

Early in 2003, during a trip to Germany with my sister, Linda, (who not only breeds Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but also whelps all my litters!!), we visited my good friend, Tanja Engel. Tanja generously parted with a beautiful Blenheim bitch named Angel's Pride Naughty 'n Nastie, and Rachel came home to California. Not terribly fond of the showring, I've let her off the hook as she prefers to run in the garden! None sweeter, quieter or less demanding, she is simply a joy!

Chantiz Spring Chief, "Joey", remained heart clear to age 7 and was my all-time favorite show dog! Joey was the ultimate 'show-off'. He always looked like a puppy and retired from showing with many puppy wins, lots of points and one major to his credit. Joey went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2007.

Dallarock Puppies

One of my favorite all-time bitches is Chadwick Double Feature of Dallarock (Starlet). Starlet never liked the show ring, but she did become a top producer for Dallarock winning Top Brood Bitch of the Year and Second Top Brood Bitch for CKCSC. She produced some lovely puppies, including my two homebred Champions, Ch. Dallarock Spellbound (Godfrey) and Ch. Dallarock Bronson. Godfrey was sired by AKC Ch. Sanickro Magic Star at Roycroft; Bronson was sired by Keyingham Joachim of Dallarock.

Committed to protecting the health and welfare of the Cavalier, I ensure that all my Cavaliers are health-tested by board-certified specialists on an annual basis. Health clearances on both the sire and the dam are given to all those who purchase puppies or dogs from the Dallarock kennel and include hearts, hips, patellas and eyes. At present, only by MRI can a determination be made as to whether a dog suffers from the disease, Syringomyelia. Duet was the only one with whom I have had the diagnosis made; however, I do suspect (from observing symptoms) that she did produce a daughter who may have same. Both Duet and her daughter were spayed.

Twenty-five years later, I have bred many litters and continue to enjoy the camaraderie of the Cavalier communities everywhere. I've enjoyed serving on both our National and Regional boards and continue my passionate commitment to maintaining a strong membership in CKCSC, USA.....put into place in 1954 by our founding members with a strict Code of Ethics that remains in place today.

Having these special creatures goes way beyond what I'd dreamed of when I first met Ruthie! Bringing incredible friendships in both the United States and all over the world…….friendships that never would have been without the Cavalier!